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Bonjour tout le monde !

My name is Arthur and I’m native from Paris, and I'm a professional French teacher. I'm now living in Bucharest, preparing a PhD.

I am also a freelancer and frequently write for magazines and newspapers.

Teaching french since 2015, in London, Tokyo and Granada, I am fascinated by the French language, by its beauty, its poetry, its nuances and its subtlety. I would like to share this passion with you and help you discover the treasures of the French language.

Whether you want to learn French for your studies, for your work, for your life projects or just as a hobby, I will be very happy to help you, no matter your level.

I consider that learning a language is like planting a forest

First you choose your seeds carefully; then you plant them, but not just any old way, not anywhere and not at any time. This is the role of the gardener ; choosing the right seeds, the right moment and the right place to plant them.

Each seed planted is a new knowledge, a new skill that needs to be taken care of, especially in the beginning. Then this skill, like a young shoot, grows stronger, branches out, comes into contact with other knowledge, and becomes indispensable to your language ecosystem.

Time goes by, and the forest becomes perfectly autonomous and full of life :)

For that, I have developed a teaching method that is effective, creative, fun and dynamic.

I adapt my lessons to each of my students. I use their passions, their profession or their studies to shape my classes.

As learning a language should be a pleasure, all of my classes are fun and relaxed, there is no pressure, no judgment, and no rush.

Over time, my students will:
1) Improve their French through discussion.
2) Improve their written French through literature, political or cultural subjects.
3) Obtain a better understanding of La Francophonie

J'espère vous rencontrer bientôt !
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Informații despre meditator
Nume Arthur Diot
Experiența 4 ani
  • Profesor
  • MA Linguistics - School of Oriental and African Studies - London (2017)
  • MA Anthropology - School of Oriental and African Studies - London (2016)
  • Licence de Lettres et de didactique du Français - La Sorbonne - Paris (2015)
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